Ask About Home

I morphed my face with Sam’s. Honestly, the guy we make isn’t bad-looking…

Okay, so I know this photoset is totally cliche and cheesy as fuck, but I just wanted to share my amazing day with Sam.

We ate some shroomies and walked to the beautiful Schenley Park and lay in the middle of a big, grassy field under a blue sky filled with puffy white clouds, surrounded by trees. Watching the clouds morph and change shapes was like watching the creation of something unreal. This whole hour spent on our backs staring away from the Earth was incredible.

We walked home, not really tripping but feeling more of an intense body high. Neither of us could stop smiling. Literally every single thing was beautiful. When we got home we plopped down on the couch in a happy haze and Sam’s roommate played us some awesome music (Pendulum’s Sounds of Life and Through the Loop). At this point Sam actually started to trip for the first time as we stared at the ceiling panels watching the little dots pulse to the music.

My trip was more inside my head. At one point I wanted nothing more than to feel full body contact with Sam. I know my roommates will know what I mean when I say we melted into the couch and into each other. I felt like we were one person/entity/being. We were chest-to-chest at first, but eventually I was lying on my stomach and he was on his stomach on top of me. Don’t ask me why, but it felt amazing.

As my eyes started to squint and blur, I began to see kaleidoscope patterns and pulses and waves of light/energy. This mixed with psychedelic music made for a fantastic experience. I don’t even care if I never trip from shrooms again; as long as it can get me to that relaxed body high stage, I would be satisfied.

Overall, I had an amazing day with an amazing boy. I feel so lucky.