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Joe Reihsen

(via jellyfishtimes)

Hello tumblr! I haven’t seen you in quite some time. I apologize to anyone who may or may not miss the days when I was addicted to you; whether they yearn for those days or were glad I’ve been gone and now have to see my gorgeous icon once again, I am sorry.

Truth is I lost most of my desire to be here, and my motivation to log on therefore depleted. This lacking only amplified when my computer failed to boot (and still won’t) and I got myself a big boy job—a real job—which requires me to sit behind two monitors for nine hours a day.

It’s enjoyable, based on the facts that it is within my former field of study, my co-workers are friendly and willing to help, and it’s located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, “the sweetest place on Earth”, but I do feel the need to update the tumblrsphere.

This does not mean that I will completely drop you as a waste of spare time and unused energy. Rather, I will work my way to a new device, see you when it is only convenient for me, and continue to focus on real life matters. Please, love, be assured that deletion is not an option. No, instead I will keep this much needed and unchosen break at the back of my mind, and when the time comes that I can afford to see you again, I will.

Best regards,



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